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       Jay operated his commercial photo studio in Bridgeport, CT for 16 years. He currently works out of his home in Monroe.
        Jay has taught photography at a local university and has given private seminars to both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.

He has led “children with cameras” walking tours in Bridgeport.  Also, as a co-founder and original board member, he is once again serving on the board of The Bridgeport Community Historical Society.


Some past exhibits of Jay’s work include:
•    Read’s ArtSpace, Bridgeport, CT - “Bridgeport Art Trail” – 2015
•    McLevy Hall, Bridgeport, CT - “Bridgeport Art Trail” – 2014 and 2013 
•    Framemakers Gallery, Bridgeport, CT - “Bridgeport . . . ReVisited” – 2013
•    City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, CT - “
ART/BPT/2012: All Photos” 
•    Easton (CT) Public Library - “Another . . . Viewpoint” – Eclectic mix of photos

      from Bridgeport, Maine, Nova Scotia, California, and Ecuador – 2012 
The Fairfield (CT) Museum and History Center; Photographs of the
      Palace and Majestic Theatres in Bridgeport, CT – 2011-2012
•    The Thomas Merton Center, Bridgeport, CT - Calendar Signing/Exhibit – 1998
•    The Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, CT - “Faces on Main Street” – 1993-1994


​​​His personal projects include:
The Bridgeport Portrait Project  – Currently documenting people of Bridgeport, CT in a still photo/audio/video program.
Poli’s Palace and Majestic Theatre Memories Project  – Currently working on a still photo/audio/video production photographing and 
      interviewing people who performed at, worked at, or just watched a movie at Poli’s Palace and Majestic Theatres in Bridgeport.
•    Main Street, Bridgeport  – People of different occupations 
The Ku Klux Klan – Portraits of Connecticut members 
The Merton House of Hospitality – Portraits of clients at a local “soup kitchen”